Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bliss N Eso

Bliss N Eso are currently my favorite hip-hop trio. An exhilarating blend of fluid rhymes and banging beats teamed with beat boxing and impromptu freestyling has made this group a brand in their own right. Hailing from Australia they bring hip-hop to another level with their influential and politically charged lyrics backed by amazing beats and the occasional acoustic rhythm. Their fourth studio album Running on Air went straight to number one on the iTunes album charts within minutes of release and the album garnered near perfect reviews across the board. Both Bliss and Eso are at their lyrical sharpest on this album, questioning the socio-political status quo that matches the uplifting nature of their music. Definitely worth taking a listen to.

Other great songs: Eye of the Storm, Bullet and a Target, The Sea is Rising, Family Affair 
Similar to: Hilltop Hoods, Cunninlynguists, Dyme Def, Atmosphere

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