Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mumford and Sons - Dustbowl Dance

I'm sure most people have now heard of Mumford and Sons with the success of their two hits Little Lion Man and The Cave but, there is more to this English band than just these two tracks. Their debut album Sigh No More is deep and full of great songs such as Dustbowl Dance, Winter Winds and Awake My Soul. This album flows really well, changing pace from slamming on the banjo to soft, slow melodious tracks. Marcus Mumford lays great vocals and wonderful lyrics over every track and we learn that Winston Marshall can play a mean banjo. Dustbowl Dance is a great showcase of what the band has to offer; the song itself starts of soft and slow then changes direction quite a bit and explodes into a wild and violent piece, all while telling a story in between. Overall this is a great debut album that suggest greater things might still be to come.

Other great tracks: Winter Winds, Awake My Soul, Roll Away Your Stone, White Blank Page
Similar to: Bon Iver, Broken Bells, Band of Horses 

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